Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slamdance - Day 6

Wednesday Day 6
The middle of the week is pretty slow in Park City. The weekend crowds from both Slamdance and Sundance have left. Main Street seems deserted. You can actually stand in the center of it and take pictures. Yes, the glitz might be gone, but now we are stuck with the hard core indie film makers.
The Five Flavors of Filmmaking Panasonic Competition is nearing the end.
Today our fifth and final filmmaker, Griffin Davis of Green Stoplight Productions has been assigned the flavor "Wild Cheery". I can't tell you what he is filming, but he mentioned something about a hot tub filled with Cherries. Since they are the last group, and the screenings are tomorrow, they will have a long hard night of editing in front of them. Griffin's co-hort, Andrew Edison is the director of film in competition at the festival entitled "Bindlestiffs".

Something I find really interesting is that last year, I had to train almost all the filmmaker's on the AF-100, afterall it was new. This year, every group in the competition had either shot with the camera, or someone on the crew had. Ah, success.
Anyway, the competition was a blast. It is always fun to meet filmmakers who are up to the challenge of taking a camera for 8-9 hours and then edit a 1 minute film, in an extremely short period of time. They are passionate, and of course, each wants to win the camera. Good luck to them all. We will announce the lucky winner tomorrow nite at the awards ceremony.

I am usually so busy that I don't get a chance to see many of the films in the festival but I saw one yesterday that was really good. "Wild in the Streets" was directed by Peter Baxter, the President/co-founder of Slamdance and still a working filmmaker (see here talking to other filmmakers in the hallway). It tells the story of "the Garden of Eden of Football" as Peter said in his opening comments. It is all about Ashbourne, England and the game of Shovetide Football. It is over 1000 years old and about the only rule is under no circumstance will manslaughter be tolerated. It is historical, humorous and it keeps you on the edge of your seat during the final matches. Watch out for it and make sure to see it.
Well done, Peter.
It has been another great Slamdance. I am proud of the role that Panasonic plays in being a sponsor of the festival and the Competition, and once again, I am happy to be part of it.
More to come. As Always,
The Slamdanced Road Warrior
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  1. Hello! This is Sharad Patel the DP for the Wild Cherry one minute short. Griffin and I picked up the camera from you last week. I wanted to have you get in touch with me about what changes are needed in order for Panasonic to use our somewhat explicit entry. You can reach me through