Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slamdance 2012 - Day 2

Saturday Day 2
Four major events happened today at Slamdance.
First, if you thought we had a lot snow yesterday, you were mistaken.
Today, we had a lot of snow!

It snowed pretty hard all day long. In fact, Interstate 80 was apparently closed between Park City and Salt Lake City for awhile. Made negotiating the steep walk up Main Street to Treasure Mountain Inn (Slamdance HQ) a bit challenging.

The second major event was we officially started the Panasonic Five Flavors of Filmmaking this morning. Our first filmmaker, Josh Gibson said he wanted to shoot snow, so I guess he got want he wanted. He has a film in competition Kudzu Vine, which I just watched, it is very lyrical. I can't wait to see what he does with snow.

Third, Neil Young Journey's screened this afternoon and it was of course sold out by the time I got round to trying to get tickets.
They are saying they might re-screen it later in the festival. I hope so. Neil and Jonathan Demme are having a sit down tomorrow, I hope to attend that and will let you know what happens.

And fourth, Slamdance TV posted their first official episode from the Festival. It was shot on the Panasonic AF-100, and this site will be the one to watch lots of great footage during the festival.
Check it out at:
Scroll down and click on Welcome to Slamdance 2012.

So, another great day in Park City and as always, much more to come.
The Snowy Road Warrior

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