Saturday, January 21, 2012

Slamdance 2012 - Day 1

Friday - Day 1
Snow comes to Park City!
This is the snow on my car in the morning. Funny thing most of the snow had melted by afternoon. Oh, of course, there is snow in the mountains, hey this is a big time ski area.

More importantly, Slamdance 2012 is officially open.

One of the first things you notice on Main Street is the poster boards for many of the films. These things are really organic, they change and get thicker during the week as the filmmakers staple up their poster, often on top on some other film.

The first day of screenings was typical for the festival, you had films in narrative, documentary, and shorts competition.

In addition, Slamdance always has Fireside Chats which are focused presentations. Today they included the Business of Film and one on Screenwriting.
Slamdance TV is covering the Festival shooting everything on the Panasonic AF-100, the official camera of Slamdace. Check out the Slamdance app and watch all the action:
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More to Come.
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