Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Slamdance 2012 - Day 5

Tuesday Day 5
"Windshield Wiper Salute to Stan Lee"
I don't know, having lived in LA and now TN, I still find it funny to walk out to the car and see the windshield wiper salute. (Guess people do this to make sure that the wipers are frozen solid in the morning). I took it as a salute to Stan Lee.
Yes, Stan Lee is at Slamdance.
We had coffee with Stan this morning and this afternoon the film "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story" was screened to great excitement.
The Five Flavors of Filmmaking Panasonic Competition is in full swing.
Today our fourth filmmaker, Natalie Neal has been assigned the flavor "Raspberry". I can't tell you what she is filming, but hey, she was way excited and said they were shooting on location in Provo, UT. Natalie has a film in competition at the festival entitled "Rose and Sophia".
One more day, one more filmmaker and then we get to sample the five flavors. I can't wait.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering catching a major head and chest cold at 7000 feet is no fun.
The Suffering Road Warrior
More to Come. As Always
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