Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slamdance 2012 - Day 3

Sunday Day 3
One thing you have to say for Park City, they know how to handle snow. Yes, we got a lot of it yesterday and last nite it snowed and the wind howled most of the night. But by mid day today, the sun had come out, the roads were clear and it was business as usual at Slamdance.
The hottest and coolest spot to be every morning is the Filmmaker's Breakfast. Slamdance has great coffee.

Our second filmmaker in the Five Flavors of Filmmaking Competition, Kieran Dick has been assigned the flavor "Pineapple". It will be interesting to see what he does with that. He has a film in competition at the festival entitled "no relation"

The big event for me was Coffee with Neil Young and Jonathan Demme. People started lining up pretty early for this event.
Unfortunately, there are no pix of that actual event here on the blog. Slamdance said that Neil and Jonathan had requested no pictures. But, Slamdance TV was there shooting this time with two Panasonic AF-100's (I loaned them one of mine), so I am sure you can check out the conversation (or at least part of it) at: when they post it.
What a great 2 hours. Both men are quite passionate about what they do and the respect that they have for each other is quite obvious. They talked a lot about the new movie Neil Young Journeys, of course. But then the conversation got quite free wheelin' to include the internet (Neil hates it for music, Jonathan loves it for instant movies), to advice to new filmmakers. Neil "Embrace failure".
It was an amazing time, and yes I did get to ask a question as well.
As Always More to Come,
The Star Stuck Road Warrior
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