Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here Comes The Snow (and the Awards)!

Snow is predicted, the Teton's are getting covered with clouds and the temperature has dropped.
Down here in the valley, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is a hot event. We have had a wonderful time talking to the world's premier wildlife filmmakers.
The Panasonic booth has been very busy. As you can see, we have a full line up of cameras, from the very popular (with this crowd) Varicam, to the new HPX250 and the AF-100. We had a program where filmmaker's could sign out and borrow any of the cameras for shooting in the park. Obviously, this made us very popular.

We also have 3D covered with the 3DA1 and the new 3DP1.
In fact, here is the 3DP1 in the lobby of the Jackson Lake Lodge.
There was a day devoted to 3D here at the festival and as you can see, there is lots of interest in this new camera.

Another star was the AF-100, lots of shooters borrowed it and went out and shot in the park (when the weather was good).

For a bit of fun, we borrowed a 18-85 zoom lens from Chuck Lee of Fujinon. Using a PL Adapter it fit nicely on the AF-100. Needless to say, if you do this, use some lens support, as the lens is heavier than the camera.

Many filmmakers have asked for an adapter that will allow them to use their existing zoom lenses with the AF-100. Abel Cine has built just such an adapter. Here we have a Fujinon 17x7.6 lens, the Able Cine Adapter, a PL adapter all mounted on the AF-100. The only thing missing is power for the servo on the zoom.

Tonight is the Gala Award Dinner and Celebration sponsored by Panasonic. I am sure that many of the award winning films that we will honor tonight were shot on Panasonic cameras. As always, I will be sad to see the Festival end. It is one of my favorite events, out here "on the road"

As always, there is more to come.
The Road Warrior

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