Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Been Everywhere, Man!

Being the Road Warrior Sometimes Stinks!
Ok, so yesterday I was in Portland (coming off a great Panasonic When It Counts Road Show). Flying home from Portand to Knoxville. No big deal.
And Portland is the home of Leatherman so, I had to stop at factory store and buy a cool new one.
Anyway, I am routed thru Minneapolis, and we are delayed. Arghh.
Then we finally get out on the tarmac, and wait an hour and run out of gas. Arrgh. So, we go back to gate, to refuel. 2 hours later we are on the tarmac again. Finally, we take off. I get home after 1:30am and have to be on a plane the next morning at 7am for flight to NYC to train film schools on AVCCAM. Short nite.
I get to airport, fly to Newark, but wait...We circle for an hour before landing, and then the GPS in the rental car routes me in circles around the Holland Tunnel. Finally get to Secaucus 2 hours later than planned. I am jet lagged, and GPS'd. Hopefully, tomorrow in NYC will be better.
The Road Warrior (earned it this trip)
More to come, as always

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