Saturday, May 1, 2010

This was Fun!

April 28, 2010
San Diego State Univeristy

I was invited by Steve Montal, professor at San Diego State University to come and speak to his advanced production class. The class was 2.5 hours and we really rocked. I spoke to them about how codecs do matter, and showed some examples of the difference.
In fact after the class, one of the students sent me this email; "Thanks again for coming to our class and presenting. It was one of the most informative classes I've had this semester and finally settled my codec/storage/camera confusion".

I had lots of AVCCAM products there and some P2 as well.
We discussed camera options, what to look for when picking a camera, how you can create a look with your camera.
Then the topic turned to post production. No suprise the great majority of students were Final Cut Users, so I fired up FCP and showed them how easy it is to edit AVCCAM footage.
Finally, I presented them with an update of some of the new products shown at NAB.
First up was the AG-HMC80.

This camera will absolutely rock the education market. It is a light weight shoulder mounted camera that not only shoots HD, but it also shoots standard def on SDHC cards. It will be available in September. More to come.

Second cool new product was the AG-AF100. This large sensor camera is designed as a video camera that you can attach any of your existing still camera lenses to. It has XLR inputs, and time code. It generated a tremendous amount of buzz at NAB. It will be available end of year. And yes, more to come.

Finally, the AG-3DA1. The world's first integrated 3D camera. I have had the pleasure to shoot with this little guy a couple of times, once on a set and once out in the desert and it is amazing. But, let me tell you shooting 3D is a whole new ball game. There is so much more to consider shooting 3D. But the images, whoa. This camera will be out in the fall and you can bet there will be lots more to come regarding shooting with it. I hope to post some tips from things that I learn.

The class was very attentive and asked very good questions. A good time was had by all. And the questions continued after class. The professor sent this very nice email to Panasonic: "Bernie Mitchell's presentation on the developments of HD camera technologies is the most comprehensive lecture/demo we have had on the subject in ten years at San Diego State University. Bernie effectively communicated to the students strategies for making the right decision in selecting cameras and media to work with. The demo of new Panasonic cameras was incredible. We look forward to welcoming Bernie back to SDSU soon. Thank you!"

Lots More to Come,
The Road Warrior

FTC Disclosure
In compliance with the FTC rulings, I state that I am the Panasonic AVCHD Evangelist. As such, I am a paid consultant to Panasonic, and I get free use of the AVCCAM products. However, the opinions on this blog are purely my own.

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