Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Into The Wild

International Wildlife Film Festival
Missoula, MT.

May 10-14, 2010

Each year the best wildlife film makers desend on Missoula, MT for the oldest wildlife film festival. This year marked the 33rd time this event has been held. The setting and the vibe is great. Panasonic is a sponsor of the event, and so each year, we bring a number of cameras to the event for the film makers to play with. It is also a great way to hear first hand what world renowned cinematographers need in the way of cameras in very challenging environments.

A lot of these shooters are currently working with Varicams, so the new P2 varicams got lots of attention. But so did Lil'Buster (the HMC40) AVCCAM shown here with it's big brother the Varicam.

We also showcased the HMR10 portable recorder and the HCK10 POVCAM. This combination was extremely appealing, particularly with the fact that you could separate the camera from the recorder via cable, by up to 65 feet! Additionally, we had a new underwater housing from Gates, that people were very interested in.
Here is a pix of the POVCAM as a helmet camera. I wonder why I look so serious?
The wildlife folks could see lots of application for this little camera and recorder.

Lots More to Come,
The Road Warrior

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