Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lil' Buster in Park City, UT for Slamdance Film Festival

Sunday January 24, 2010
Finally the sun came out! It has been snowing, cold and white-out conditions here since Friday am. The Slamdance Film Festival (see is in full swing and the weather can't dampen the spirits here.

Yesterday, I moderated a Fireside Chat session at Slamdance
where we invited filmmakers who all have films in this year's festival to speak. Each of these filmmakers shot their films on Panasonic cameras. Mainly the HVX200 P2 camera. They talked about their experience with the camera and the workflow. Then they showed clips of the films. Way cool!

I then asked them what they liked about shooting with Panasonic and their comments ranged from: "I like the look I get with Panasonic HD cameras", "The camera is so light weight it allowed me to get shots in positions not otherwise possible", and "The workflow from camera to edit is so fast".

I also asked them if there was anything that they didn't like, and there really wasn't. How bout that?

Thanks to the filmmakers for sharing their stories and talent with us.
You can check them out on the links below:
Nico Sabenorio "Bout That Bout" see:
John Carluccio "Cease & Desist" see:
Chuck Gomez "Poinciana Sunrise" see:

After the session we all gathered out in the hallway, where TV Specialists, the Panasonic dealer in Salt Lake City, had set up a table and had a number of the Panasonic cameras on display for the filmmakers to play with. See:

Most were familiar with the P2 cameras but the AVCCAM cameras (particularly Lil' Buster, the HMC40 camera) that record on standard SDHC cards, blew them away. I am pretty confident we will see films next year shot with Lil' Buster.
It was a great day.

Tomorrow, I am giving another Fireside Chat at Slamdance, this one is "Codecs to Cameras" and I will discuss the benefits of the various codecs, the limitations of MPEG 2, and show the Panasonic P2 and AVCCAM cameras.

I will try to get some more pix tomorrow and post them.

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FTC Disclosure
In compliance with the FTC rulings, I state that I am the Panasonic AVCHD Evangelist. As such, I am a paid consultant to Panasonic, and I get free use of the AVCCAM products.

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