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Lil' Buster at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Sept. 28- Oct. 2, 2009
Every 2 years amid the fall splendor of The Grand Tetons, the world's best wildlife cinematographers gather for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. This is an amazing event. Incredibly talented people and amazing scenery. For more information, check out:

These cinematographers are the type that think nothing of living in the wild for over a year, shooting with the world's best cameras to create award winning nature films. These film makers use Panasonic high-end Varicams every day. But, I have to tell you Lil' Buster (The HMC40) made quite a debut.

First and foremost, for this crowd, it comes down to image quality. Secondly, it is all about the robustness and weight of the camera. We are talking some pretty tough locations. And third, they are looking for cool features. In all these areas, Lil' Buster answered all questions.

Image Quality.
Recording on SDHC cards, the media costs are almost non-existent and the picture quality blew everyone's mind. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "I can't believe a camera this inexpensive, can make pictures this good." Now, I am not saying they will stop using Varicams, but I did hear this comment almost daily. "Wow, this would be a perfect second unit camera."

and Weight. Ok, so we haven't yet had it out in the wild for a year at a time, but everyone was knocked out by how light weight it is. "I could hand carry it. Wouldn't need a bulky case."
And as you can see from this pix, it is small enough that you can even mount it on a fence.

Cool Features.
Pre-record and time lapse really speaks to this crowd. To be able to get the dolphin jumping every time, or clouds sweeping isn't just cool, it's critical. I have posted examples of time-lapse with this camera here before, but I couldn't resist shooting the mountains.

As I say, Lil' Buster was a hit. However, the newest members of the AVCCAM family created the most buzz at this event. But, that is for another post.

More to come,
The Road Warrior

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  1. Hi, I saw your blog post about the hmc40 and its time lapse mode. I have a business need to record a 9 day bridge building event with 2 minute intervals. Would this camera work for that? Is there a decent weather housing that you know of for it. This would be 9 days 24x7 shot every 2 minuted. you can email back if you like - Bruce Roberts