Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow, Really? Sorry guys and gals.  I can't believe it has been this long since last post.  All I can say is I have been slammed busy.  Yeah and big news.  Like this big SD card I am holding.  Any guess on how many minutes it records?

BTW, I guess I need a blogger to help me keep this blog current.  Any offers?

So, yeah busy doing what?  Well NAB was in April and that was a very busy time.  I was once again "stuck" in the Panasonic booth, but as usual it was a great time, as I got to meet in person many of you who follow this blog, my youtube and vimeo tutorials and my white papers on workflow.  It is really gratifying to know that you like what I do.  "You like me, you really like me" quote Sally Field.

I was really proud of the fact that the 3D video that I produced with Art Aldrich of Otek TV was featured in the NAB booth.   It was Christmas in NYC in 3D.  We shot Macy's Parade, Rockefeller Center, window displays, neighborhood displays and ice skating, all inter cut with a terrific high school choir singing Christmas Carols.  Here I am shooting model trains with the 3DP1.  It was a lot of fun and we got the privilege to shoot it with all three of Panasonic's 3D camcorders, the 3DA1, Z10000 and 3DP1.  The end product was magic (hey it's Christmas) and reaction at the show was fantastic.

After NAB, it was time to hit the road.  Panasonic mounted a "Taking It To The Streets" Tour (can't you just hear the Doobie Brothers.)  I have been on the road, talking cameras, wireless metadata (you gotta love this), and how we will all have our archive in the cloud.  Oh yeah, that last one about gets me tarred and feathered, but mark my words.....
Anyway, here I am on the road with 23 cases of gear at Universal City Hilton in the first pix and in So Florida in the second pix.  It takes a lot of equipment and people to mount a road show like this and Panasonic does it very well.  I have presented all over the country ranging from the Northeast to the Southwest.  And we ain't done yet.

In July, I will be in Minneapolis, Miami, So Calif, Chicago and I am sure I have forgot some places, but the Panasonic Pro Video Facebook Page will have the details.  So, if you see me and my van full of equipment on the road, please stop and say hello.  Heck land a hand with moving the equipment and even in tipping the bell men.  Just kidding.
See you on the road.
More to come....
FTC Disclosure
In compliance with the FTC rulings, I state that I am the Panasonic AVCHD, P2 and 3D Professional Evangelist. As such, I am a paid consultant to Panasonic, and I get free use of the AVCCAM and P2 products. (Like all the gear I am moving around in these pix).
 However, the opinions on this blog are purely my own. (So, don't blame anyone, but me)


  1. Bernie,

    You are one hell of a guy to get in tou h with. Ive seen most all of your AVCCAM Evangelist series of short videos, primarily with the AG-AC160 Camcorder,etc. Big question here, I need info (i.e. Video, photos, manuals, etc) on a "How To" on METADATA for the 160A, and info? I need more detailed info than what the Panasonic manuals have as well as the Barry Green book.

    Also, where can I get some Pro Panasonic apparel (for video - AVCCAM,P2, hats, shirts, etc.)?

    Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Bernie,

    Same guy here, Scott J. Owens from New Orleans, LA; the link to your website is broken or down, cannot contact you. Just an FYI in case you were not aware. In above reply, please send any info to me via my email: Thanks.

    Scott J. Owens,
    Multimedia Producer
    Scout Pro Productions, LLC.