Wednesday, November 23, 2011

US Women's Soccer in 3D!

What a kick!
Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. But it is always fun to shoot 3D.
This last weekend, I was in Phoenix to help shoot the Women's National Soccer Team VS. Sweden game in 3D for Panasonic (who is a major sponsor of the US Soccer Team, and the Olympics, as well). What a fun event.

We were well equipped to cover the game with the brand new 3DP1 camera and three of the smaller 3DA1 cameras.

The game was very exciting. Sweden scored earlier, but the US rallied in the second half and the game ended 1-1.

We had cameras roving the sidelines, and covering the goals and the footage is stunning. Although I must say that shooting a live soccer match in 3D is one of the hardest things I have done. Focus, framing, exposure, convergence and parallax considerations all at once. ARRGH.

The cameras, as expected worked great. Having shot many times with the 3DA1, I was particularly interested in shooting with the 3DP1. All I can say, is wow. The lenses are much better and there are new 3D tools that really help in shooting. Wait until you get your hands on this camera. It rocks! That's me on the 3DP1 at the top of this post.

The crew was fabulous and a joy to work with. In the group picture below from left to right: Jerry Feldman, Ned Weisman, me, Dave Gregory, Remy Medranda, Ken Fleischer (our calm and collected Director), and Philip Robiberio.
If you come to either the CES show in Jan or NAB in April both in Las Vegas, I am sure you will see some of this excitement in the Panasonic booth.

Next stop, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in 3D.

As always, there is more to come.
The Road Warrior

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