Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here's lookin' at you kid. The latest in summer eye wear.

I really have to blog more often, I can't believe it has been since June that I last posed.
Hey, time flies when you are busy.
Lots of Big News in the AVCCAM traveling road show world to share with you.
Here is what has been going on......
Besides living on the road, on those rare moments when I am back in the studio, I have been hunkered figuring out the details of editing 3D footage shot with the Panasonic 3DA1, for each of the edit software systems. Boy, talk about fun. I have finished two white papers already and there are more to come. I will let you know when they get posted on the Panasonic site.

Learning a different NLE is always fun, but add the challenge of 3D and your mind starts spinning (not to mention the potential of headaches). I am really loving shooting and editing 3D. Makes me rethink the art of shooting. I honestly believe there is a big 3D business in corporate, industrial, museum, event and lots of other non-theatrical projects. Actually, these present an ideal situation for a 3D producer in that since you can control the viewing experience, you can shoot for that and make the 3D all the more effective.

I was at the Illinois Videographers Association meeting in Chicago to showcase the AF-100, here you can see it is all tricked out.
I have to tell you the Event and Wedding shooters who have been using DSLR's were knocked out. The idea of a large sensor camera that not only gives you shallow depth of field, but long (virtually endless) recording time, on board audio recording and monitoring, anti-aliasing, no moire effects, time code, etc. is guaranteed to make the mother of the bride blush. The benefits just go on and on. My experience is once you get your hands on this terrific camera, you do not want to let it go!

Next stop on the never-ending road tour, Kansas City where I presented 3D to the major sports organizations, mainly we talked how 3D can enhance coaching analysis. They had not previously considered that, and I am sure we made some converts.

As I travel around the country, I always have to take a few minutes to remember which camera I am talking about, because they are very different. The AF-100 is all about shallow depth of field and the 3DA1 is all about infinite depth of field. Keeping that all straight, along with the menu structures, and features of the different cameras, is always a bit stimulating.

Here is a shot I took in So. Cal. of the newest top of car installations for the AF-100 and 3DA1. I don't suggest you try this, unless you have good insurance and don't need either camera for some time!

In the middle of summer, where better to be than in the Arizona Desert? Nice resort, huh? Yeah tough job, and the golf course was great, except it was 110 degrees. Ah, the dedication, but I digress. Hot, yes, but, come on it's dry heat. Yes, it is and once again the hottest camera at the show was the AF-100. I presented the AVCCAM line at the Association of Community Access Conference in Tucson. As I am finding all around the country, if you are trying to get the job done with DSLR's, you will absolutely fall in love with the AF-100.

From Arizona to Boston for the University Film and Video Association Conference. The AVCCAM line has already made big inroads at schools across the country with many of them using the very popular HMC150 or the very light weight HMC40 or shoulder mount HMC80. In addition to showing these cameras, we hosted a number of 3D events and I have to tell you the film schools are beginning to understand that the 3DA1 is a perfect camera to teach 3D with.

As I said, it has been a very busy summer.
There are a bunch of other exciting developments to tell you about, but they will be in another blog, coming very soon (I promise).
In the meantime, keep those questions and comments coming in. As the AVCCAM Evangelist, I love hearing from you.
Stay tuned.

As always, there is more to come.
The Road Warrior

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