Monday, November 22, 2010

This 3D Thing. Is it all hot air?

I can't tell you how many times I get asked this question.
Come on, 3D is not new, it comes to the forefront every 10-15 years. It is a fad and then it vanishes. Why is this time any different?
Ok, here are the reasons why I feel that this is finally the time for wide acceptance of 3D.
1. See it Anywhere

For the first time in history, as 3D storytellers, we do not have to ask our audience to go to a theatre. Home 3D is a reality and getting cheaper by the day and you can even watch 3D on your computer.
2. Hello, Infrastructure
And now, the infrastructure to create really good 3D exists. We have cameras, we can edit, we can distribute and we can display. To quote Bob, "The times they are a changin'"
3. Shooting 3D
Really? How do we shoot 3D? There are side by side, and mirror rigs and the new Panasonic 3DA1, integrated 3D camera system. Basically you need two cameras absolutely seeing the same thing. Just like our eyes. If your rig, or camcorder can do that, shooting 3D just got way easier.
4. Editing.
OK, what NLE do you use? It doesn't matter, there are a number of plug ins for any NLE including: Dashwood, Cineform, and Quantel.
Editing 3D has never been easier.
5. Display
Take your choice: Anaglyph (ugly, but works on all displays, including computer), passive polarized glasses, or active shutter glasses. They all work.
Oh, and watch price of 3D plasmas, they are falling faster than you can image.

6. Distribution

OK, you shot it, you edited it, now how do you deliver it?
How about You Tube?
Or, side by side, easy to create in any NLE. Just burn to Blu-Ray Image, output on Standard Blu-ray player to consumer 3D plasma and presto chango, you have 3D. Stunning
7. The 10 foot blue people in the room
Avatar changed everything for a theatrical 3D experience. Wait until you see the 3D Blu-ray of Avatar in your home. It will once again change everything.

I have been shooting 3D with the Panasonic 3DA1 since March 2010. Would love to talk to you about it. Just reply below.

It changed the way I capture the world. I am training cinematographers every day how to shoot 3D with this camera.
We can now create images that mirror what we see.
Way cool!
More to come,
The Road Warrior
FTC Disclosure
In compliance with the FTC rulings, I state that I am the Panasonic AVCHD and 3D Professional Evangelist. As such, I am a paid consultant to Panasonic, and I get free use of the AVCCAM products. However, the opinions on this blog are purely my own.

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